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In a kingdom, there is a beautiful girl and a good heart. He lives with his mother and both his half-brother, because his parents had died. In the house he was always told to do all homework. He always shouted at and only fed once a day by her stepmother. Her brothers called her evil "Cinderela". Cinderela mean girls, dirty and full of dust. "The name that suits you!" they said.
After a while, one day came the royal guards who spread the party invitation letter from the Palace. "This is fun ... we'll go and dress up as pretty-pretty. If I were a princess, the mother would be happy", they said. The awaited day arrived, the second half sister Cinderela started dressing up with joy. Cinderela very sad because he was not allowed to participate by her siblings to a party at the Palace. "Clothes you do not have anything, what would go to a party with sepert clothes that?", Said sister Cinderela.
After all go to parties, Cinderela back to his room. He is crying bloody murder because his heart was very upset. "I can not go to court with dirty clothes like this, but I want to go .." Not long after came a voice. "Cinderela, stop crying." When Cinderela turned, he saw a fairy. Peri smiled kindly. "Cinderela take four rats and two male lizards." After everything is collected Cinderela, fairies bring rodents and lizards to the garden pumpkins in the backyard. "Voila!" as he spread his magic, there was a miracle. The mice turned into four horses, and lizards turn into two sais. The latter, Cinderela turned into a beautiful princess, with a very beautiful dress.
Because happy, Cinderela start dancing in circles with glass shoes like a butterfly. Peri said, "Cinderela, the influence of this magic will disappear after the bell at twelve the night stop. Because of that, go home before midnight." Yes, Grandma. Thank you, "replied Cinderela. Train gold horse Cinderela leave immediately brought to the palace. After arriving at the palace, he immediately went into the palace hall. Once inside, the views of all those present were on Cinderela. They were very impressed with the beauty Cinderela." Cantiknya putrid it ! Daughter of the state where ya? "Ask them. At last the prince came over Cinderela." Beautiful princess, will you dance with me? "He said." Yes ..., "said Cinderela holding out his hand, smiling. They danced together in rhythm slowly. Cinderela mother and two sisters who were there did not think it was a beautiful princess Cinderela.
Prince continues to dance with Cinderela. "People like me you are the desire for this," said the Prince. Because happy, Cinderela forget the time. Hours start struck 12 times. "Sorry I had to get home Prince ..,". Cinderela interesting hand from the prince, and soon ran out of the Palace. In the middle of the road, next to his shoes off, but not Cinderela memperdulikannya, he kept running. Prince Cinderela chase, but he lost track Cinderela. In the middle of the stairs, there is a glass slipper belongs Cinderela. Prince took the shoes. "I'll find you," he said, was determined in the liver. Although Cinderela back into a girl full of dust, he was very happy because it could leave the party.
The next day, the guards who sent the Prince came to the houses that have their daughters across the country to match the glass slipper with their feet, but no matches. Until finally the guards arrived at the house Cinderela. "We are looking for the girl whose feet fit the glass slipper," said the guard. Both brothers Cinderela try these shoes, but their feet are too big. They're forcing her legs inserted into the glass shoes until blisters. At that time, guards saw Cinderela. "Hey you, try these shoes," he said. Cinderela stepmother was angry, "will not fit with this child!". Then Cinderela stretched his legs. Apparently these shoes is perfect. "Ah! You're the princess," cried the guards happy. "Cinderela, congratulations ..," Cinderela looking back, the fairy was standing behind him. "From now live happy with the Prince. Voila!.," He said.
Once the reading fairy spell, Cinderela turn into a princess who wore a wedding dress. "The effect of this magic will not disappear even if the clock struck twelve times", said the fairy. Cinderela escorted by the mice and birds that become his friend. Arriving at the Palace, the Prince greeted him, smiling happily. Finally Cinderela married Prince and happy life.

In antiquity, in West Java there lived a princess named Dayang Sumbi. He has a son named Sangkuriang. The child was very fond of hunting in the woods. Each hunt, he was always accompanied by her beloved dog named Tumang. Tumang is actually the incarnation of the god, and also the biological father Sangkuriang, but Sangkuriang not know about it and his mother was deliberately concealing it.
One day, as usual Sangkuriang go into the woods to hunt. Once when he got in the woods, Sangkuriang start looking for prey. He saw a bird that was perched on the branch, then without thinking Sangkuriang shot, and right on target. Sangkuriang then ruled earlier Tumang to chase prey, but the Tumang silent and refused to follow orders Sangkuriang. Because very annoyed at Tumang, then Sangkuriang and drove Tumang and not allowed to go home with him again.
At home, Sangkuriang told the incident to her mother. Upon hearing the story of her son, Dayang Sumbi very angry. She took a spoon of rice, and struck to the head Sangkuriang. Because his mother was disappointed with the treatment, then Sangkuriang decided to go wandering, and left home.
After the incident, Dayang Sumbi very sorry for his actions. He prayed every day, and ask for a day to meet with him again. Because of the seriousness of Dayang Sumbi prayer, then God gave him a gift of eternal beauty and youth forever.
After many years Sangkuriang wandering, he eventually intends to return to his hometown. When I got there, he was very surprised at all, because his hometown had changed completely. Sangkuriang pleasure is increased when the time in the middle of the road met a very beautiful woman, who is none other than Dayang Sumbi. Since these enchanted by her beauty, then the direct Sangkuriang proposed. Finally an application is received by Dayang Sumbi Sangkuriang, and agreed to be married in the near future.
One day, his future wife Sangkuriang requested permission to hunt on health consultants. Before leaving, he asked Dayang Sumbi to tighten belts and trim kapalanya. Dayang Sumbi surprise, because when she was tidying Sangkuriang headband, he saw a scar. The scar is similar to scar her child. After asking about the cause of the wound it Sangkuriang, Dayang Sumbi increases might expect to see, because it is true that the prospective husband is her own child.
Dayang Sumbi very distraught, because he can not be married to her own child. After Sangkuriang home hunting, Dayang Sumbi trying to speak to Sangkuriang, so Sangkuriang cancel their wedding plans. Dayang request is not approved Sumbi Sangkuriang, and only considered wind alone.
Every day Dayang Sumbi thinking about how for their marriage never happened. After thinking hard, Dayang Sumbi finally found the best way. He applied two conditions to Sangkuriang. If Sangkuriang to satisfy these two conditions, the Dayang Sumbi want to be a wife, but otherwise if it fails then the wedding will be canceled. The first requirement Dayang Sumbi wants Citarum river dammed. And the second is, ask Sangkuriang to make a very big boat to cross rivers. The two conditions that must be settled before dawn.
Sangkuriang undertakes both demand Sumbi Dayang, and pledged to finish before dawn. With the magic he has, Sangkuriang then mobilize his friends from the jinn to help complete the task. Secretly, Dayang Sumbi Sangkuriang peek of the work. How shocked he was, because Sangkuriang almost all the terms given menyelesaiklan Dayang Sumbi before dawn.
Dayang Sumbi then ask for help communities to roll out a red silk cloth to the east of the city. When I saw the color red in the east of the city, Sangkuriang thought that it was already early morning. Sangkuriang immediately stop work and felt unable to meet the requirements that have been proposed by Dayang Sumbi.
With a sense of annoyance and disappointment, Sangkuriang then break down the dam which he had built himself. Because jebolnya dam, then there was a flood and the whole city under water. Sangkuriang also kicked a big boat that has been made. Canoes that floated and fell face down, then became a mountain named Tangkuban Perahu.

One day, there lived a family in the coastal area of Sumatra. The family had a kid named Malin Kundang. Due to very poor condition of their families, the father's master decided to go to the country side.
Great expectations and her mother's master, one day his father came home with a lot of money that will be able to buy daily necessities. After months of his old master was my father did not come, and finally pupuslah Malin Kundang and her mother's expectations.
Malin Kundang After growing up, he thought to make a living in the country side in the hope that later on when returning to my hometown, he has become a very rich. Finally Malin Kundang go sailing along with a merchant ship captain in his hometown that has been successful.
During his stay on the ship, Malin Kundang lot to learn about seamanship on the crew that has been experienced. Malin studied hard on his friends shipping on more experienced, and ultimately he's very good at shipping.
Many islands have been, up to a day in the middle of the trip, suddenly climbed Malin Kundang ships were attacked by pirates. All merchandise traders who were on the ship seized by pirates. Even most of the crew and people on the ship were killed by the pirates. Malin Kundang very lucky he was not killed by the pirates, because when it happened, Malin immediately hid in a small space enclosed by the timber.
Malin Kundang float amid sea, until finally the host ship stranded on a beach. With the rest of the existing power, Malin Kundang walked to the nearest village from the beach. Arriving in the village, Malin Kundang helped by people in the village after previously telling incident that happened to him. Malin village where villagers stranded is very fertile. With tenacity and perseverance in work, over time Malin had become a very rich. He has many fruit merchant ships with the children of more than 100 people. After becoming rich, Malin Kundang marry a girl to become his wife.
After a long marriage, Malin and his wife make the voyage with a large and beautiful ship with the crew and a lot of bodyguards. Mother Malin Kundang that every day waiting for his son, saw a very beautiful ship, the entrance to the harbor. He saw two people who were standing on the deck of a ship. He believes that it is her son standing with his wife Malin Kundang.
Malin Kundang stepped down from the ship. He was greeted by his mother. Once close enough, his mother saw right dilengan dozen injured person, the more convinced his mother that he was approached Malin Kundang. "Malin Kundang, my son, why did you go so long without sending you?", He said, hugging Malin Kundang. But Kundang immediately release her mother's arms and pushed him up to fall. "Women do not know myself, as my mother said carelessly," said Malin Kundang at his mother. Malin Kundang pretended not to recognize her mother, because of shame with her mother who is old and wearing tattered clothes. "She was your mother?", Tanya wife Malin Kundang. "No, he was just a beggar who pretended to be admitted as a mom to get my property," Malin said to his wife. Hearing statement and treated arbitrarily by his son, the mother of Malin Kundang very angry. He did not expect him to be rebellious child. Because anger is mounting, Malin's mother tipped his hand, saying "Oh God, if he my son, I sumpahi he became a stone." Not long after the winds roared fierce winds and storms come to destroy the ship master Kundang. After that Malin Kundang body slowly becomes rigid and in time they finally shaped into a rock.

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