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Work Trisno Sumardjo

• Women
• Man
(Rose, holding her shoulders and let it go) No, no, you're not a ghost. Just me, I just.
• Women
What do you mean?
• Men (snigger).
Ah, it's okay It's okay, little brother.
• Women
You're not happy to see me?
• Man
Not so. I'm glad you came here. Where's your place?
• Women
Places far away ....
• Man
Far? In .... there? (Pointing upwards). How many times this earth away?
• Women (stunned)
unpalatable talk !
• Man
In hell or in heaven?
• Women
(Angry) I see you've become crazy! Hell or heaven, you say? In heaven is impossible. Because you're the one who prevented me to go there someday. You're the one who dragged me to hell!
• Man
True .... right, Sis. (Walking to a chair, sat down, his eyes blank look to one direction).
• Women
Is not your fault only, that our livelihood is like hell? So I ran away from you, a year ago?
• The man (chin)
Yes, yes . Sorry, apologize.
• Women
(Soft back) , I did not mean to take revenge.
• Man
(Nods) I know, Sis, I know your heart good.
Everything is my fault. Suffering parents.
Anguish. All I caused it. I gamblers, drinkers, criminals, duh! Parental love and your love, how I respond?
Parental property because I consumed them.
Out with gambling and drinking. Liver I hurt my father, My mother made you sad. And you Dik, (Seeing the young woman.) how do I pay? With a lazy, with a drink, brandy bottles that I bought with your money! You are always hard work, I spend your money, I was heart-wrenching, tortured soul! Sorry, sorry, Sis!
• Women
Let, it's already past. Now I was able to get their own livelihood. But you own?
(See nearby). You lack everything, Mas.
• Man
My punishment, little brother, so be it. It was worth it.
• Women
If you want, I can help ... .. (Opens her purse).
• Man
(Quickly) Ah no! No. Thank you, Sis.
• Women
Do not be shy, I gave with willing hearts.
• Man
I know, I know! But do not, do not you give me nothing. Ah, if I thought that you would help me, Who I put you into poverty and humiliation! All your patience, willingness and love, cleansed with what? With a wry face, rudeness and humiliation. Ah, Often how I despised you, Sis?
How often threw insults to your face that you're from the low, inappropriate with me, because I was a nobleman? -Duke, ha, ha! What does it mean descendant of nobility, if not accompanied by the soul of nobility? O, deaf-blind people like me! Hidebound by guess That the nation more Than anyone else, should be above the common man. Petty, silly, and crazy! While you, Sister, you're a thousand times more noble than me!
• Women
Never mind. Do you torture yourself with any regret. Now you have turned again. Cover the history of ever.
• Man
History who had still resulted until now.
Only bitterness alone that you receive from me.
All the pleasures of life has been grabbed, I stole from you, Sis. No one ever give you .... O. Pride of royal blood who did not want to interfere with blood proletarian, because they seemed low, dirty. But who is that dirty, little brother? I, myself! And you are pure!
Although because of poverty you to be ... .. Sis, you're still running the job ....
who ... ..?
• Women
Yes, which is despicable, a very despicable, to say alone.
(Tears from her eyes swimming in tears)
• Man
(Standing) I was wrong, Sis! Pure love it even would you give to me this dirty, but you set foot stepped on, I despised, I'm broken, so ... so you're forced to go to sell your love ...
By Allah, I call God that never was, now I call, Dik-(holding the woman's hand with both his hands, knees), by Allah, forgive me. Sorry, sorry, Sis!
• Women (tears melt)
Enough, enough, Mas.
• Man
You forgive me, Sis? Say ....!
• Women
Yes, yes Mas, stand.
• Man
Say! I want to hear words of forgiveness.
• Women
Forgive you, please.

Adapted from the script works: Puthut Buchori
Rewritten by: Alfan
Scene I

Setting, a family room. Desk chairs and other furniture indicates that the owner was located. Lights fade in. A YOU sit in a chair while reading the newspaper. Suddenly, out
side of the room while trying not to vomit. Once his mother came out, Side ran to the bathroom, vomiting. Then the doctor came out of the side room to meet YOU.

Dad : please drunk first, Doc. How does my child's circumstances Doc? What ails him?
Doctor : Um .. Well sir, actually the daughter of the father in good health.
Dad : how healthy? from yesterday vomiting continues.
Doctor : Oh, That's fair sir. Ordinary. Because in the first quarter will feel nauseated.
Father : Quarter? I mean doctor?
Doctor : Well sir. In the first months of this, he will often feel nauseated. So you do not need to worry if these months he often vomited. Later the following months, yes about the fifth or sixth month, her nausea will go away really.
Dad : Huh ... (pause, thinking) What month Doc?
Doctor : The months of pregnancy.
Dad : Pregnancy? Doctors mean pregnant? There is a baby in her belly?
Doctor : Yes sir.
Father : Innalillahi innailaihi roji'uun wa ..
Doctor : What inalillahi? soon be a grandfather. Oh yes sir, it looks like the content of the daughter of the father is weak, so have plenty of rest. Do not get exhausted, let alone many minds. Later miscarriage. This is Mr. .. This is me give you vitamins.
Dad : (to receive the drug, still stunned)
Doctor : Then I said goodbye first, sir.
Dad : (if realized) oh yes, yes. Thanks, Doc. I'll transfer as usual.

(Doctors out of the room. When YOU will sit, side out of the bathroom and went straight to the room. However, before entering the room is called YOU.)

Father : SIDE! Here ye!
Mother : (out of the bathroom) What's Pi? shout.
Dad : Do not interfere. Hand, sit here. (SIDE sat)
Father : Answer honestly! With whom huh?
Mother : Why, what's this?
Mother : Pi!
Father : ANSWERING! Pregnant with whom you?
Mother : Pi! Do not be careless!
Dad : Here, look at this. What drugs doctors were given earlier.
Mother : the drug? Not fair if the sick were given drugs
Father : the cure for the content of
Mother : the womb? You are pregnant girl?
Father : answer, my question. Pregnant with who are you? How come?
Mother : Come on pi. We'll talk about it tomorrow. Let him rest. Already son. You sleep a rest first.
Father : You also noodles, can not educate children, one child is still defended. You do more at home, more with this kid, how ye can-usually up to missed!
Mother : Why! why so YOU also blame the mother?
Dad : You La his mother, Educating children is your duty!
Mother : Who says? YOU also have a duty to educate him.
Dad : I'm busy at work!
Mother : I'm too busy ...
Dad : What Busy? Social gathering, picnic, was busy to and fro with that social gathering you group. Or perhaps just a social gathering grounds.
Mother : hubby mean?
Father : social gathering only reason for you to come out with your old boyfriend right?
Mother : Do not indiscriminate yes. Yes I'm gathering social gathering. Papi own? Every day, come home at night. Dating to the secretary that right?
Dad : Do not carelessly accuse people. She was good woman.
Mother : hold anywhere if home tonight?
Dad : I'm meeting
Mother : meeting with the secretary were not you?
Dad: never mind. See your child is, is pregnant! You should frequently at home can supervise children.
Mother : Alaaah .. YOU usually blame, avoidance of moral responsibility. Now if you are like what, huh?
Dad : Well, what?
Side : SILENCE! (And ran into the room)
Father : side!
Mother : see. Because it hubby. usually just get angry. This is wrong, that's wrong.
Dad : you know why I am. You're too spoiled.
(Hand out of the room)
Sides : first solve your problem. Just finish my problem. (Exit)
Mother : side!
Dad : see the results your education. Children become insolent.
Mother : Do not own wants. hubby also have responsibilities. Quickly pursue him.
Dad : you know you're my mother, you who pursue.
Mother : you do fathers.
Father : women first.
Mother : men first.
Father : female.
Mother : male.
Father : female.
Mother : come on come on, hurried away. (Father's arm, pulling)
(Lights fade out, while accompanied by music.)
Scene II
A garden. Two prostitutes sitting around girl talk. Lights fade in.
Mince : Recently ordered items really quiet huh? The price needs to rise, but incomes do not rise and rise. Kayak proverb greater than in-so-so.
Rachel : no, you say, tomorrow yes. His name is like a wheel of life, sometimes above, sometimes below. There are times when fortune smoothly, there are times when fortune drag. your own wishes, would continue smoothly.
Mince : Yes but, when fortune drag like this, the price needs like rice, oil, powder, lipstick, brakes should also. Let me draw.
Rachel : arbitrarily own. So people should learn, do not arbitrarily own.
Mince : yes, but ..., how I if side job?
Rachel : what side job? Selling condoms?
Mince : wow, that's a good idea. Later if there is I subscribed
or subscription you not forget to bring a condom, I just bought into. Buy five free kisses, how?
Rachel : why do not all nigh only.
Mince : wow, that's fine too. Later I sold the condom with nigh system. You would so my downline?
Rachel : unwilling!
Mince : would ya? you my friends a lot. They must also not always ready condoms. They later you make referrals, certainly a lot of benefits. If the later is rich, we do not need to sell myself again. Self-ongkang ongkang, money come alone.
Rachel : (Then comes a thug, half-drunk)
Thugs : hello, girl. After talking about what? Sounds smell of money.
Rachel : this again, what do you want here?
Thugs : you know, why? Like-like. It's a public place. Uh, ask for money.
Mince : come, come ask for money. if not ask for money, ask for rations, not to pay again.
Thugs : LHA what can we do? You guys know my own state of My economics
Rachel : then stop drinking, find a job there.
Thugs : ye can not so. It also needs to live, yes, like you who need a face powder and lipstick every day.
Rachel : yes different, the same powder lipstick make capital earn money. If that?
Thugs : lo same. La if there is this no, me too hard to earn money.
Rachel : Difficult how?
Thugs: if there is not this, there continues to passers-by. "Hey, give me money!" They even laugh, not fear. But if there is "hey ask for money" they would think if I thug, was immediately given rather than taxable bogem.
Rachel : inconsequential. If the man had fled, how you pursue it? Like this? (While imitating the style of people fled while drunk)
Mince : never mind, business people really are prohibited. you've join cooperation I wrote. Guaranteed okay. And you can keep drunk.
Thugs : what work?
Mince : selling condoms.
Thug : What? Condoms? Unwilling!
Mince : Do one first. The system will use MLM, you later become my downline. Will continue to take advantage of the ability for search referrals you.
Thugs : what capabilities?
Mince : like this. If there are people passing do not ask for money, but "Hey! Buy condoms do not? You're so downline. Must be willing. If you do not want to look out! "How?
Thugs : wow that's a good idea.
Rache l: yes this. Examples of the beggar dreams so rich.
Mince : if you not want to need not be cynical. His name is also a business.
Thugs : keep, When to start?
Mince : yes patience, if I already have the capital to buy condoms will definitely I let you know you.
Rachel : Yeah, that's about ten twenty years.
(THEN go Sides)
Thugs : hello beautiful. Ask the dong currency.
Side : Who are you?
Thugs : Pretty fierce.
Rachel : need not be served
Thugs : come on, asking for money.
Side : greet you?
Thugs : you know i do not know ye? Recommend. Nicholas Supriman. But people call me PREMAN.
Thugs : (to prostitute) what is laughter?
Side : oh so you thugs? Try standing (and then compare his height with thugs) I'm really tall? (Prostitutes laugh giggle)
Thugs : he shut you guys.
Rachel : so, let me not eat that much kuntet!
Thugs : beware yes!
Mince : Try the business earlier. Who knows want. Later I find utangan when he wants. (Rachel laughs louder)
Thugs : yes already, put it this way. I have the merchandise, uh, I mean product. Want?
Side : what is it?
Thugs : condoms.
Side : why should. It's too late. Already a new offered condoms. It still is not? (Pointing thugs bottle)
Thugs : wow if this is not for sale. This capital.
Sides : I've made it. (Reached into his pocket. Removing the money in his fifties), the purchase again.
Thugs : Wow, this picture I Gusti Ngurah Rai,,,. (Direct side sip drinks till the contents discharged)
Thugs : screwy. (See money) windfall. Find capital again ah ..
Mince : I uh debt, make capital.
Thugs : no need!
Ask : Ask!
Thug : I Need no!
Mince : already, we divide the two wrote, how?
Thugs : yes already let's go .... (Thugs and mince out stage)
(Rachel approached the side.)
Rachel : introduction, I'm Rachel.
Side : Side.
Rachel : at night you're not home?
Sides : (shaking head)
Rachel : why not go home?
Side : my parents are still busy themselves.
Rachel : yes but no school tomorrow?
Side : Which school would receive pregnant students?
Rachel : oh so you're pregnant?
Sides : (nod.)
Rachel : Your parents?
Side : busy
Rachel : girlfriend?
Side : the usual stuff guys, use and throw.
Rachel : well, never mind. I used it in high school. But I can survive. Why mourned. What has happened has happened.
Side : So, Ms. had the same "accident"?
Rachel : (nods)
Side : continue, your content?
Rachel : Well, what can we do. Because I'm afraid my son's life miserable later finally threw it away.
Side : does this mean?
Rachel : yes, you know yourself what it called it.
Side : sick?
Rachel : still more hurt.
Side : but Ms. never mind what right?.
Rachel : fortunately I never mind what The baby was also strong.
Side : after that?
Rachel : Well, because I have no expertise, and my stomach needed to eat, what else can I do but sell themselves.
Side : why not go home?
Rachel : home anywhere? My family is too ashamed to have kids like me. There are many sisters that more can be arranged.
Sides : I guess I just like this.
Rachel : Come on, let it be passed over. If you want, you can be like me.
Side : sell yourself?
Rachel : No, but get rid of it. Do not sell yourself if you do not have to and no place to go home. (Pause) So what?
Side : where?
Rachael : here.
Side : here?
Rachel : yes, cook to the hospital. This, I give you the abortion pill. Guaranteed within 24hours will be lost fetus in your belly. You take the money?
Side : Just this.
Rachel : Yes, never mind what.
Side : Sure?
Rachel : no going ?
Side : yes. But ...
Rachel : already, quick drink the other kids also ran into me when it's already finished.
Sides : (taking medication) continue?
Rachel : we have to wait her reaction. Take it easy. (Thugs and Mince came in with some bottles of drinks.)
Rachel : Well any kind of shopping?
Mince : Many, no pineapple flavor condom, condom motif warm feeling, etc..
PREMAN : Why, why is this kid? seizures?
Rachel : Why how come?
Thugs : Did he ask My drinking again.
Rachel : Stupid! She had been taking medication abortion.
Thugs : why not say?
Rachel : you own the home you drink it.
Mince : It is, how this
Thugs : wow, you serious! Lives of people make a toy. At this rate I do not go-go.
Rachel : hey, do you also want the money. Let's take it to the hospital, before it's too late.
Thugs : money hello? Police later we deal together.
Rachel : cook will be left?
Mince : take it to the midwife there.
Rachel : come on, then. Man, help lift.
All exit. Lights fade out.
Setting the house. Phone bordering.
Mother: hello. Yeah right. Yes, my mother. What? Pi, hubby ...
Father: What?
Mother: Sides, pi ...
Dad: (to receive the phone) Hello. Yes I am. What?
Lights off.
The End

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